Saturday, April 16, 2011

Your In Luck - Meeting Chuck!

In terms of the age of our Antique Mall, Chuck is a relatively recent dealer.  He has eclectic tastes, and one never knows what one will find in his booths.

Here we see a wonderful collection of copper. The 'original' hand tooled tray is a 'one of a kind' artist piece, while the copper medallions that surround it are vintage decorator pieces, circa 1960.

Isn't copper wonderful when paired with blue transferware?  This vase is a current decorator piece and delivers lots of punch!!

This stunning display is a gathering of ruby glass of all ages and functions.  When it comes to punch, nothing exceeds ruby glass against white!!

Here is a selection of various items, which shows Chuck's tendency to not be connected to any one type or period of item.  The cream colored metal piece behind the spice set is actually a funky refrigerator container.  I have never figured out why they are shaped like this. 

Anyone out there who wants to help me out?

As we see here Chuck often has great crocks.  He's definitely got the jugs, now all he needs is the band to go with them and he could have some rocking hillbilly music!!  (I am sure he has some washboards and wash tubs too, so it could happen, right?)

When you come into the mall be sure to check out Chuck's booths, he has a presence in both the south and the north buildings.

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