Thursday, January 26, 2012

Valentines Goodies at Treasures!

 There are less than three weeks until Valentines, so you are probably already in the mood for pink and red and hearts and lace ....

Treasures has some pretty fun vintage Valentines goodies, like heart shaped boxes, tins, baskets, bowls and cookie cutter.

We also have some nice hand crafted Valentines goodies.

 If you have a special Valentine, and you want a card that's out of the ordinary, we have three choices. We have some nice reproductions of antique Valentines, we also have some vintage and antique Valentines and if neither of those options seem right then ...

We also have Valentine Kits that include everything you need to make a perfectly personal Valentine for your sweetheart. 

These wreaths have been quite popular.  The first one the dealer brought in sold that day.  She brought in three more, including the two pink ones above, as well as one made from a red and white quilt.  Two of those sold today.  The one on the right is still available.  Come and see!! These are made from old quilts, old lace, old buttons and old bling!!
And last of all another of our vintage fashion Divas was in the store yesterday.  She is wearing a ruffled shirt, short navy skirt, leggings and boots, besides the adorable fedora.  Its true girls, going vintage really makes a classy statement, come on down and check out our vintage clothing.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Wonderful New Dealers in Treasures South!

 Come and see our fabulous new dealers.  This booth was put together by a mother and her two daughters who are sharing their space AND considerable decorating talents.  Lots of goodies for sale too, don't miss a chance to stop by and see what they have brought in to sale!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Years Resolution Suggestion!!

Looking for an area to improve yourself this year (I mean since you are so very near perfect already, its got to be hard to find something, right?)  Well allow me to suggest taking your personal presentation up a notch.  We have  several adorable 20 something customers who come in dressed in period dress.  They always look amazing, and lift my mood just by coming in. 

We have a lot of period clothing in the store ranging from pioneer, Victorian, Roaring Twenties and the WWII era to hippy goodies.  There are 6 different dealers who regularly bring in vintage and antique clothing.

I asked this cute customer if she would mind letting me take her picture, she looks amazing!!  Doesn't she look like a war bride?  And her attention to detail is wonderful. (Where does one find seamed nylons?)
Come on in and take a look at our period finery, you might just get hooked, and you certainly won't regret it.