Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dealer Involvement Comes In All Sizes - Mary's Half Booth

 At Treasures Antiques we have almost 65 dealers.  Of course the number changes as people's circumstances change.  We have rented  6 booths in the last few months, and still have another dealer in the gathering stages, whom we are looking forward to getting to know.

Mary has been a  dealer in our Mall for several years.  She started in a full size booth in the South building, but when the stresses of going to school, raising her family and building a house, all at the same time, took their toll, she found a half booth to be just about right.
 Mary, like many other dealers in the mall, brings in books of assorted ages, styles and subjects.  This stack of books includes a couple of cooking interest books, and some royals watching fare. 

If you like books we have all kinds.  We have dealers who bring in old children's books, old cook books, and religious books.  One dealer has a shelf of paperback books for a dollar.  Several dealers bring in Louis L'Amour books.  Another dealer has Jane Austen related books and videos. So its worth a little browsing time to find just the right read!

This charming set of snack plates is tucked into a cubby in Mary's booth.  So if someone came in and bought Mary's baking book, and the snack sets, they would be ready for afternoon tea, just like the royals in the other books on Mary's shelf!  Its a thought!

 Here we see more tea time items, perfect for  impressing those friends who you probably already have in mind to come for tea. You could certainly find a silver tray elsewhere in the mall  to be artfully arranged with those cookies and tidbits that you baked after browsing through that baking book you found in Mary's booth, right?


 And what tea party would be complete without a charming clock so you know when it IS tea-time?

You won't find a more endearing or unusual clock than this one that Mary has for sale as well.

So with just a short visit to Mary's half booth you'll be ready to host that wonderful British Style tea-party in practically No TIME at all!! 

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