Sunday, December 23, 2012

Best Holiday Wishes to our Amazing Customers

Have your self a merry little Christmas, y'all.  Just wanted to share a couple of great Christmas photo shots from Lorianne, one of our great customers .... I love and adore her mantle.  She says that many of her items have come from our store!!
And this is her tree ... full of wonderful vintage ornaments ... as well as amazing up to date crafts.  It is perfectly homey, don't you think?

 Oh and ...

 ... here are some of our customers who came in on Saturday ... in two groups, but all in retro dress.  They had met before ... at Decades, not surprisingly.
The oldest young man in the photo above will be playing some serious Rockabilly music at Pat's BBQ in Salt Lake on January 19th ... his group's name is Mad Max and the Wild Ones ... See you there!
Thanks all, we have the best customers in the word.  They are friendly, engaging, and always full of fun ideas. 
Merry Christmas all!

Friday, November 30, 2012

Treasures Antiques 2012 Christmas Open House

I kept busy at work yesterday, getting the store ready for our Christmas Open House on Saturday, December first.  We will open at 10:00, as usual and will be open until 6:00.  

Its always fun to check out the Christmas goodies that the other 42 dealers here at Treasures bring in this time of year and I think this year we have a bumper crop of amazing vintage ornaments!

  The great vintage Santas are always fun. We had a gorgeous 20 something gal come in yesterday and she bought 2 old Santas ... she said she displays them in an open suitcase ... which is one of my favorite ways to display them.

Most of our dealers are going to have between 10% and 50% off all of their goods, (at least half of our dealers are discounting between 20% and 25%) so you may want to make the migration. There will also be punch and cookies all day at both of our 11,000 square foot stores!! If you are in the neighborhood it would be worth the trip.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Restored Antique Car

It was so fun, the other day, when our good customer, and sometimes dealer, Mike, came by with his awesome restored car.
 It has amazing details, like the bullet hole decals ...
 and the Harley jacket hanging in the back seat.

The hood ornament is amazing, as well as the little light on the hood, not sure what that's about, but its cool.

He even has the trunk fitted out to look like he's going on a picnic, with a dismantled still tucked behind the coke cooler.  If you didn't guess he's a car show aficionado.
 Mike told me that these old cars, and even older ones were fitted out with powerful engines made to outrun the police, if necessary. He said that during prohibition, the back woods whiskey makers and their fast cars were the informal beginnings of Nascar as we know it today.  Who knew.  Not me, but I loved the stories and Mike's awesome car!!  Thanks for letting me share it Mike!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Treasures Birthday Sale - A Red Letter Day!!

A Red Letter Sale at Treasures - Sept 8th

Hey did you miss flea.o.logy last week because you didn't want to get wet? Or did you accidentally find some 'goody' money that you forgot to spend last week in the rain in Payson?
Not to worry!! Treasures Antiques is having their birthday sale!! Everything 5% to 50% off. This Saturday, September 8th! And some dealers, like the one to the right, are gathering clearance goodies in the store to take out side for a flea market. So you will get some of the best deals you will ever find anywhere!

Lots of our flea.o.logy dealers call Treasures Antiques home, so you know you will find awesome quality items, with extra happy prices!!

Even the MacAffee family will be there in full force, so don't miss your chance for amazing bargains at Treasures Antiques on the West Frontage Road in Springville!! See you there !!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Talented Customer AND Birthday Sale Coming Up!!

Hey Treasures lovers, and who doesn't love finding Treasures at Treasures?  Well Kristen did.  She has a gully that runs off the back of her property and wanted to have a desert scene ... She found this awesome old fence, and skull at Treasures!!  Thanks for sharing Kristen, its amazing!!
By the way all of our favorite Treasures Customers can come on down for our Birthday sale on Saturday, September 8th.  All of our dealers will have discounts from 5% to 50%.  There will also be an outdoor flea market.  Don't miss it!!

Monday, August 20, 2012

Miss Havisham Shops Here Too!!

This week we had one of our regular customers come in looking for candlesticks for her book club luncheon.  They had read Great Expectations and their luncheon had a Miss Havisham theme.  She found a pair of candelabras that we all agreed would be perfect!!  I thought it sounded so fun, that I asked if she would send us some pictures of the event.  She graciously consented and here they are.  She also said a few things about how things went.

"The candelabras really helped set the mood at our book club meeting last week. And I couldn't have served Miss Havisham's wedding cake without the lovely cake server. A couple of ladies said they almost wore a long white dress to the party, but no one actually did. One lady brought Miss Havisham's bouquet and some other little critters for the table. The grapes and gummy worms were a big hit.

I am so glad you had just what I needed. Thanks so much for your help in making this party a success."

I think this is such an awesome idea that I have already gotten my book club to agree to have a Miss Havisham Tea next year after we read Great Expectations.  We have to wait a year, because we just read David Copperfield, in honor of Charles Dickens 200th birthday this year!
 So just remember, if you need something unusual for your next shindig, you may just find it at Treasures like Stephanie and Jane did.  Thanks

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Everybody Loves Treasures

I wanted to share some pictures of one happy customer this past week.  His owner came in, thinking to hurry, since the dog was in the car and it was hot ... but then, let me have the customer tell you in her own words.

"After seeing all the treasures at the antique mall,I realized there would not be enough time to shop. My dog Diesel was waiting in a hot car for me. Thinking I had a poodle, the clerk said, ” oh just put him in the cart and being him in.” Imagine her surprise when we rolled through the store doors. Diesel shopped with me for 1 1/2 hours, of course it helped the clerk brought him water. Customers asked, "I want one of those, on what isle did you find him?” We even found him an antique dog dish. Great place....all around." Ali Johnson.

Here they go and they are off!

Hey thanks Ali and Diesel, it was great to meet you.  Glad you had a good experience, and thanks to Rosemarie for thinking to get water for this cute and obedient dog.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Colorful Plates and Thanks for Coming to our Birthday Sale!

Hi all, just wanted to share some pictures one of our customers brought in.  They bought all these bright colored plates in one shopping spree.  What a fun and colorful splash they add to this great kitchen.  I also thought that the faucet handle pulls were adorable!!  Thanks for sharing!

BTW - We hope you all enjoyed coming to our anniversary sale on June 2nd. We did not have a mailing, so we know we missed some of you. We are hoping to build a new mailing list, so please come in and request that you be added to our customer list on our computer,  that way you can be included in our next mailing for our other birthday sale in September. We always have discounts throughout the stores, plus a flea market outside!!  Thanks for looking and hope to see you soon!!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Great New Shabby Front Display!

I think Kathy just outdid herself with this great display up front.  Come on in and enjoy the visual candy!!  She got her inspiration from an article in the latest Romantic Country magazine.  If you like their style as much as I do, you won't be disappointed.

... and all this vintage goodness is for sale, so you can take it all, or part of it at least, home with you and you can redo your dining room in this amazing style. 

Thanks Kathy, for all your hard work.  What a lovely 'room'.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Fascinating Hipster Spotted at Treasures!

Just wanted you to meet this adorable teenaged customer who came into the store a while back.  She was shopping with her brother, and they had a great time.  She was intrigued by this fascinater and managed to take it home with her.  Isn't it adorable on her?

I love that we have so many youthful 'Hipsters' as customers.  They know that they will find things at Treasures that are unique and that will make a definite statement in their appearance and that of their living spaces as well!  Antiques and vintage goodies are alive and well!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Customer Uses Treasures Purchases to Furnish Guest Room!

We would like to thank our good customer Peggy from northern Utah for sending us these pictures of her guest room.

Peggy bought this three quarter size Empire bed a few years ago.  Empire is a late 1800's style, and is less common here in the west than other fussier Victorian styles. 

She later bought this Empire dresser, which appear to be rosewood.  Look what a great job of decorating she has done.  The log cabin quilt on the bed has its  colors repeated in the star pattern quilted wall hanging.  I love the repeat of the shape of the prairie points on the wall hanging with the zigzag of the crocheted dresser scarf.  Good job Peggy, and thanks for sending us your pictures so we can share them with our other readers and customers!

If you would like to share some decorating that you have done with Treasures purchases, please call the phone number on the blog header and ask for Paula's Email address, then send your first name and the pictures you wish to share, noting which items you bought at Treasures.  Thanks so much

Thursday, March 22, 2012

How One Customer Decorated Her Treasures Find!

Treasures has the best customers on the planet!  Oh, you knew that, right?  Many of our customers are also amazingly talented.

Jenn is a long time customer, and we wanted to share what she did with the fabulous shabby cupboard that she bought at Treasures North last year.

Doesn't it look like a picture from a magazine?  She has crammed her charming cupboard full of primitive goodness!

We still have lots of cupboards available at both stores.  Stop by and take a look.  (Or you can pick out yummy antique smalls to fill up your great old cupboard.)

And remember that if you have an item you have purchased at Treasures, and then you have used it in a craft project, or like Jenn, you have something you have used in your decor, please send us a picture or two, or ten, then we can share them with our other readers.

Just call Treasures between 10 and 6 at the phone number on the masthead of this blog, and ask for Paula's email address, then send her your first name and your pictures, we will feature you here and we'll be forever grateful.  Thanks!

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Bit of Springtime From Treasures to Your Home.

Here are some great shots from the home of Treasures Antique Mall customer LaVern from South County.

She has been coming into the shop for 10 years.  These pics are of her great room.  She has purchased about half of the pastel 40s and 50s attached saucer flower pots at Treasures. 

She says all three of these shelves are also from Treasures, as are the three piece art set.  We love seeing what customers do with the goodies they buy from us.

If you are interested in sharing your decor or projects, please email pictures to with your first name and town.  Tell us which items in the pictures were purchased at Treasures.  We would love it if you would share with us!!

Look for future customer home tours!! This should be fun!

Thanks for taking a look at this perfectly happy spring time decor!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Booth Remodels AND a New Dealer ... Come See

Just a few shots of some reworked booths.

This is a new dealer, about a third of the way down the south wall.  Pretty cool and retro stuff, eh?
These cool ceramic deer fit so well with the 50's theme, I thought I would add them, even though they are in dealer 800's booth, the first booth on the south wall.
And last of all just a bit of spring in an antique bath pitcher from our dealer number #17 .... on a day like today (piles of snow outside) its nice to think that daisies will be blooming before we know it ... At least I like to think so.