Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jennifer of 3 Dotters Gives Treasures Antiques a Nod!

 Hey Treasures Fans, did you see the Studio 5 feature a couple of weeks ago with Jennifer Reed of 3 Dotters Vintage?

Jenn is a former Treasures dealer, a very busy girl who realized she didn't have time to keep her booth at Treasures stocked, and has moved on to doing three vintage sales a year at the Pleasant Grove Rec Center.

 Jennifer shared her vintage shopping secrets with Studio 5 viewers, and featured Treasures in Springville first ...

These are some of the pictures that she shared on the show, featuring us as one of the 'Best Vintage Shops'
 Jennifer should know, she is one of our best customers ... she collects vintage world globes, and the black one she show cased on segment is one she had bought, while I was working, at Treasures the week prior to taping the show!!

 I was working the day the segment aired, and we had a customer from Salt Lake call us about the Indian statue to the right, before the show was even over.  Yep, the statue is now history as far as the mall is concerned.

 Jenn hosted her 3 dotters sale last weekend in Pleasant Grove, and I got talking with one of the dealers there, a 20 something who is a big Pyrex collector.  She told me that Julie, our Pyrex dealer who has children who are 30 something, is her hero!  Yep Julie's been collecting Pyrex for 15 years .... I guess that sort of makes her a hipster!!

Thanks for the endorsement Jenn, we are glad to hear that your first 3 Dotters sale went so well!!   

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Heidi's Amazing Outdoor Decor!

 Had an adorable customer come in this week, her name is Heidi Harmon, and she was buying an oil can for her collection.

It sounded like so much fun, that I asked her to send some pictures of of her collection, and to include some goodies she had bought at Treasures in the past.

She said that she bought her first vintage clock at Treasures, I love the one in this picture!

... and I cannot say how much I love this wall of bike wheels ... and the oil can on the far right is the one that I just rang up for her this week.

 How amazing is this collection?
... and what a great patio scene!  Love the corrugated metal fence panel and the beautiful antique brick patio!   Kudos Heidi!!  And I love rust so much that I am off to the Rust and Roses show in Boise this coming weekend!!  Happy hunting all and thanks to Heidi for sharing.  If any of our other customer would like to share some of you amazing decor, please send pictures to me at  Thanks

Monday, August 18, 2014

Best Ever Play House

 Today I wanted to share something extra fun.  As a dealer at Treasures Antiques in Springville, Utah, I get to meet some of the most fun people on the planet.

One loyal customer, Marcelle, buys lots of child size furniture and vintage table clothes.  Eventually she shared her project with us, a children's size, two story cottage, that she had built largely by herself.

Fitted out in midtone, almost pastel, decor, she has done wonders with this little house.
All of the beds in the house use crib size mattresses, so that children up to age eight can actually sleep over in this Lilliputian house.

This kitchen nook, shows off many of the charming vintage linens she is always adding to her collection.

... and the kitchen is fully stocked to have picnics and parties whenever the hostess bug bites!

Marcelle is an amazing woman, its been so fun to be a tiny party of her amazing project.  Her children are now mostly grown, and she even has a son-in-law, which we all know can lead to another generation of little people to come and inhabit her amazing  little house!!

Thanks Marcelle, for sharing your amazing talent!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Newly Made Booth Display

 So Vickie, a talented dealer at Treasures, and her husband spent a couple of his days off making over her booth.  I think they did an amazing job and thought I would share.

They decorated and painted Vickie's two booths, which are across the isle from each other, to match, which gives the shopper the sense that one is walking into a lovely old room.  

Then they added antique trim along the top of the walls, which adds to the 'room' sensation.

The pano shot below give you a since of that room.  Good Job Vickie!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Family Heirlooms Come Home

So here they are ... I used these antique white boots in my Grand Touring display at the mall ... they almost sold last week, in fact they were on hold for a few days ...

Fortunately the sale fell through.  Because, also last week, a young woman name Chelsea, came in to get some knobs for a piece of furniture she was rehabbing, saw the boots, and was drawn to them.

She picked them up and found ...

Her great grandfather's name written twice on the soul of each shoe. She called her mom and told her about the perplexing find .... Mom was excited, she knew that her grandmother, who was married to Jessie Gray, had worn just such boots in her wedding picture in the 1890's.  

Yes, these boots had been purchased at a Provo Estate sale, and had likely come down through the family to an Aunt, who had sold them when she down sized to move out of state!  Yeah, the boots are back home again ... but isn't it fun that Chelsea's great grand mother wrote the name of her husband to be on the soul of her shoes?  I guess she didn't have the margin of a page of notes at school to doodle it ....

Don't you love happy ending?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Feels Like Spring at Treasures

 Yep, the magic of spring is in the air at Treasures Antiques .... Annette's booth above is full of spring greens.

The booth to the right has frolicking women and lots of whites goodies.

This antique rolling wall map even presents in a lovely aged spring yellow!
... and Rosemarie, the manager of the Treasures North store has the spring spirit as well, as she stands in front of our 'Grand Touring' booth.  If its been a while come in and see these great spaces and many, many more!!

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Antique Displays Done Right!

This week, when I was working at Treasures, Pam, a favorite former dealer, came in to shop ... we got talking about displaying collections, somehow, and she mentioned that her husband had recently made her cabinets to display her antique hat collect ... she invited me over, and actually I was bowled over .... such amazing displays!! 

Of course, like all antique dealers in the mall, many of her vintage and antique items came from Treasures, a favorite source for all of us.

 Here are the cabinets he built ...

 This is another display in her bedroom ...
 Her kitchen was bright and cheerful ... and I was amazed at her use of space ... so clever!

 This little cupboard occupies the space that once held a built in ironing board.  She said when they bought the house it was an open alcove ... yep her clever hubs added the door and glass shelves.  How cute is this?

This is a close up with the door open ...  I loved the whole house.  Its amazing.  The first picture is a shot of her laundry display, which I am sure you gathered already.

I hope you enjoyed Pam's awesome displays.  If you have displays you would like to share, please send pictures to me at  We would love to see what you are doing with the treasures you are finding at Treasures!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Valentines is Here at Treasures

Yep, the Valentines Cherubs have been busy at Treasures this week ... we have Valentines decor everywhere ....

There are cherubs, and hearts, pink and red, and everything romantic!

There are vintage valentines and heart shaped everything!!

Be sure to drop by  to spiff up your romantic home for the Holiday of Love!!