Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Everybody Loves Treasures

I wanted to share some pictures of one happy customer this past week.  His owner came in, thinking to hurry, since the dog was in the car and it was hot ... but then, let me have the customer tell you in her own words.

"After seeing all the treasures at the antique mall,I realized there would not be enough time to shop. My dog Diesel was waiting in a hot car for me. Thinking I had a poodle, the clerk said, ” oh just put him in the cart and being him in.” Imagine her surprise when we rolled through the store doors. Diesel shopped with me for 1 1/2 hours, of course it helped the clerk brought him water. Customers asked, "I want one of those, on what isle did you find him?” We even found him an antique dog dish. Great place....all around." Ali Johnson.

Here they go and they are off!

Hey thanks Ali and Diesel, it was great to meet you.  Glad you had a good experience, and thanks to Rosemarie for thinking to get water for this cute and obedient dog.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Colorful Plates and Thanks for Coming to our Birthday Sale!

Hi all, just wanted to share some pictures one of our customers brought in.  They bought all these bright colored plates in one shopping spree.  What a fun and colorful splash they add to this great kitchen.  I also thought that the faucet handle pulls were adorable!!  Thanks for sharing!

BTW - We hope you all enjoyed coming to our anniversary sale on June 2nd. We did not have a mailing, so we know we missed some of you. We are hoping to build a new mailing list, so please come in and request that you be added to our customer list on our computer,  that way you can be included in our next mailing for our other birthday sale in September. We always have discounts throughout the stores, plus a flea market outside!!  Thanks for looking and hope to see you soon!!