Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gretchen, The Girl with The Goods (and the Best Ever Shabby Chair!!)

Gretchen is a great connoisseur of antiques.  She likes the good stuff.  She has fabulous taste, and the rest of us get to benefit from her willingness to share.

To the left we see a lovely Victorian crazy quilt that she has for sale at Treasures South.  It's good that this sweet charmer has some imperfections, because in Museum Condition, none of us could touch the price.  Lucky for us!

This is another Victorian piece.  It is a huge shadow box with a lovingly worked memorial wreath that helped someone work through their grief at the death of a loved one.  The initials in the middle are those of the beloved.

  Another example from the Victorian era is a School Girl's Sampler.  Stitched in colorful yarn it is a wonderful reminder of a time, when a girl was not considered educated, unless her needlework skills were well developed.  The crown on the sampler indicates that it is European.  The bright colors make it a great addition to a child's room.

In this picture we see a charming, circa 1880's Japanned Aesthetic mirror and frame.  By glimpsing in this very large mirror, one gets a peek at one of Gretchen's booths.  As you can see it is well ordered and full of Treasures.  All you need is an afternoon to acquaint yourself with the fine old antiques that she shares with us all.
And last, but in my mind far from the least, I have pictured a wonderful old, circa 1920's arm chair with wonderful, and very old, chippy green paint.  I believe that this chair received its 'face lift' in the 1950's, as evidenced by the charming floral print.  The carvings on this chair are amazing, and the chippiness of the paint is practically perfect.  The chair also has the fine quality of being comfortable.  Come and see it, you won't be disappointed!!

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  1. I love Gretchen's antiques...I drool over them every time I'm in Treasures! Love the chair!