Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcoming one of our Newest Dealers, Cathie!

We welcomed a new dealer to our midst late last fall, and I just happen to have some pictures of the booth at the Acorn Antique Show that she did last month.  Cathie loves wonderful 50's items including clothing, books, kitchenware and dishes.  Everything in her booths, is colorful and cheerful and charmingly displayed.  There are lots of design ideas in Cathie's booths at Treasures.  She is dealer number 313 and has two large booths at Treasures South and just opened a smaller one at Treasures North!  She has been a very popular new dealer at the mall, if her sales are any indication.  She cleans and repairs the items she has for sale, and displays them well.
As I said these pictures were taken in March at the Acorn Antique show in Ogden.  Besides doing Antique Shows and having booths at Treasures, Cathie also consigns with several shops in the Salt Lake area, and also sells at street fairs and flea markets, including the upcoming flea.o.logy sale to be held at the red sandstone house on Main Street in Payson on April 30th, so mark your calendar!!

In the center front of this picture you can see one of Cathie's crafty ventures.  On the round green tray are charming multi vintage button magnets, which are very affordable, and always one of a kind!

And here we see Cathie herself in a booth full of shoppers.  If you would like to know more about Cathie she has listed her blog site on the right hand side of this blog page.  Definitely worth taking a look!


  1. Cathie has charming stuff! It was fun to see you both on Friday! ~Stacy~

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