Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Two Sides of our Dealer Nikki!

Yep, our dealer Nikki definitely has two sides.  There's the fun, crafty person with a bent for romantic cottage, as well as the little girl, who has always loved collecting 'tiny treasures'. 

 This pictures shows some of the glass ware and china that every Shabby Cottage lover adores!
 I particularly like the soft pallet that adds a romantic touch to glam in the accents this great vintage gold mirror!
 A vintage tea set with a matching salt and pepper would add a bit of cottage pop to any shelf or cupboard.
Then there is this sweet aqua glass dinner set that would be perfect for patio dining, and its nearly that time!!
And now for Nikki's other side.  The one that loves collecting and toys.  The nice thing about Nikki is that she is not going to be greedy, she is willing to share, she is very well organized, she does the hunting for you  and has lots of fun collectible and vintage toy items that you may be looking for. 
  And she has them sorted and labeled, to help you finish up your collection, or to find the perfect small theme toy for a cake at your child's birthday party.  Got Pooh?  No?  Well, you can get him here!!
 Or perhaps you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast, or better still, perhaps its your daughter, friend or grandchild  who is charmed by the story.

Nikki also carries book and movie themed stuffed animals ... (sorry Dopey, I should have said plush toys.  :-) )
No matter what you are looking for in the small collectible toy department, you are very likely to find it here at the Treasures South store in Nikki's 'Toy Booth'.

Just don't forget the other side of Nikki, because she does have some charming cottage treasures as well.  Thanks for stopping for a trip through Nikki's well furnished booths, come and see them for real, you won't regret it.  You will find that she is a great resource.

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