Thursday, September 15, 2011

Sharing Treasures New and Old!

Here we are back again, to report that our Anniversary sale was a great success.  A special thanks to all of our followers who came in and scooped up the good deals.  We appreciate your continuing support!! Even with the deluge, the outdoor flea market was reported to be amazing.
There are some new things at the mall you may have missed.  First of all this great Victorian Parlor display.  Did you notice it when you came in for the sale?  Kudos to Kathy for putting it together!!

Then in the next booth down the first isle there are some new goodies.  This mannequin is hand crafted and charming.  She wears not only her paper mache French Novel text stripes, but a 1950's net petticoat as well.  Then there are the French text signs, trays and furniture pieces.  Don't miss them.

 Here are an assortment of the wonderful finds you will see if you come in and walk the store.  If you are looking for suitcases, green glass, an amazing quilt, an old Raggedy Ann and Andy, or that green painted butter churn barrel that has probably been on your 'must have' list for years, come and get it.

This bedroom set is now 75% off.  Three pieces of matching 1880's bedroom furniture is hard to find, so finding it at 75% off its original price of $2900 is almost unbelievable.  The bed is a double size, so no custom mattress is needed.  (Just remember that a double size bed was the 'King' of its day :-))

 And if you have a hankering for an original Bessie Pease Gutmann print, this is the place.  The Poverty and Riches print on the left is rare, and the 'Punishment and Reward' prints on the right are very popular.

With Thanksgiving on the horizon, maybe you would like to become more traditional and serve dinner on vintage china.  This is a charming and affordable set.
This charming white side table just came in this week.  Don't miss it.

Or Vaseline glass may be more your style.  This cake stand is a very rare piece, even for Vaseline glass collectors.  Don't miss it.

And last of all is this lately come beauty.  Its a yo yo quilt, if you are not familiar with them.  It's large and in great condition, I doubt it will last long. 

Thanks for coming and taking a peek at what's new and what's old at the Largest Antique Mall in Utah.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Its Time For Treasures's Birthday Sale and Flea Market!

 That's right, we have a sale at Treasures twice a year, and this Saturday is one of those two times.  Every dealer is discounted. Most of them for 20% or better, a couple are even 50% and one dealer in the south building is 75% off!!
So follow me to Treasures because its that TIME!!  One of only two times a year when our dealers move out to the parking lot to CLEARANCE their goodies.  Some of the best deals ever had at Treasures are had during this flea market, don't miss the deals inside and out!!

The clocks on the left will be available at the N-170 and the clock on the right is available in the school display in the South Building.

Look at this great cake taker.  It has room in the two bottom compartments for two pies, in addition to the cake, and as one other dealer at treasures said, "You can cook brownies in a round pan and take them too!!"  This beauty is available in S-800. (South building dealer 800)
Everything shown here will be 20% off.  N-170

So plan to come and see us on Saturday September 10th, you won't regret the goodies you can pack away at bargain prices.  (N-170)