Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meeting Marvelous Millie is a Colorful Experience!

        The Primary Colors Still Make Us Smile!!

We would like to welcome Millie to our mall.  She is an experienced antique dealer and has the great stuff to prove it.  She has been in the Treasures South building for less than a month, and our customers have been delighted with the addition.

We are not sure what the connection is, but Millie has several Red Goose Shoes advertising items.  They are graphically wonderful, as you can see.  What a fun pop of color they add.
  Colorful chairs are another way to add color to your decor.  Millie has them in assorted sizes and colors.  One cannot look at these without smiling, but, then, I am partial to old bow back chairs, especially those in children's sizes.

Here's a fun idea for those of you who are older and are attracted to children's chairs.  One of our customer's once told me that she has a tall wall in her family room where she has hung a large collection of styles and colors of children's chairs.  She said that when she has a new grand child born she shops the antique stores and buys a charming antique or vintage child's size chair, and that chair become 'assigned' to the new grand child.  When ever her a grand child comes, their personal chair comes off the colorful collection on the wall for their use when they are at Grandma's.  What a fun tradition.  She says she plans to present each chair to each grandchild on the birth of their first child.   Wouldn't it be fun to have a framed current picture of each grandchild sitting on their chair, using it like a shelf?

This incredible vintage Egg Crate label has been matted and framed in an antique tramp art picture frame.  Tramp art is the name given to handy crafts primarily created by men during the depression from scraps of wood, including cigar boxes, which were readily available at the time.

Again we see Millie's love of color!!
 Then again, here is another Red Goose mascot for your consideration!!
...and more Tramp art, this time in form of a couple of fun boxes.

And last of all, another pop of color in a red, though not bow back, chair.  Millie's colorful booth is half way down the second isle in the South Building, as mentioned.  She also has two other booths on the last isle, almost to the back.  It's definitely worth the trip to come and take a look!!

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