Friday, April 29, 2011

Like Minded Antiquers ...

Dave, one of the dealers in the south store has the great customized 1972 pick-up on the left.  But this week,  a good customer, Norm, came to pick up some fencing in his fully restored 1972 pick up, seen on the right.
Though both trucks have been lovingly restored there are a few notable differences.

One of them sports the vintage 'correct period' license plate.

The other sports a period art business logo, and an unusual 'buffing through paint' effect with a top coat to keep it protected.

Both trucks are amazing restorations.  But really, what are the chances of having two trucks that are nearly 40 years old, in the same color in the same parking lot at the same time.  We are glad it happened here, the owners had fun sharing and comparing!!  And really, aren't vintage vehicles just a really large collectible?

Sunday, April 24, 2011

The Two Sides of our Dealer Nikki!

Yep, our dealer Nikki definitely has two sides.  There's the fun, crafty person with a bent for romantic cottage, as well as the little girl, who has always loved collecting 'tiny treasures'. 

 This pictures shows some of the glass ware and china that every Shabby Cottage lover adores!
 I particularly like the soft pallet that adds a romantic touch to glam in the accents this great vintage gold mirror!
 A vintage tea set with a matching salt and pepper would add a bit of cottage pop to any shelf or cupboard.
Then there is this sweet aqua glass dinner set that would be perfect for patio dining, and its nearly that time!!
And now for Nikki's other side.  The one that loves collecting and toys.  The nice thing about Nikki is that she is not going to be greedy, she is willing to share, she is very well organized, she does the hunting for you  and has lots of fun collectible and vintage toy items that you may be looking for. 
  And she has them sorted and labeled, to help you finish up your collection, or to find the perfect small theme toy for a cake at your child's birthday party.  Got Pooh?  No?  Well, you can get him here!!
 Or perhaps you are a fan of Beauty and the Beast, or better still, perhaps its your daughter, friend or grandchild  who is charmed by the story.

Nikki also carries book and movie themed stuffed animals ... (sorry Dopey, I should have said plush toys.  :-) )
No matter what you are looking for in the small collectible toy department, you are very likely to find it here at the Treasures South store in Nikki's 'Toy Booth'.

Just don't forget the other side of Nikki, because she does have some charming cottage treasures as well.  Thanks for stopping for a trip through Nikki's well furnished booths, come and see them for real, you won't regret it.  You will find that she is a great resource.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Meeting Marvelous Millie is a Colorful Experience!

        The Primary Colors Still Make Us Smile!!

We would like to welcome Millie to our mall.  She is an experienced antique dealer and has the great stuff to prove it.  She has been in the Treasures South building for less than a month, and our customers have been delighted with the addition.

We are not sure what the connection is, but Millie has several Red Goose Shoes advertising items.  They are graphically wonderful, as you can see.  What a fun pop of color they add.
  Colorful chairs are another way to add color to your decor.  Millie has them in assorted sizes and colors.  One cannot look at these without smiling, but, then, I am partial to old bow back chairs, especially those in children's sizes.

Here's a fun idea for those of you who are older and are attracted to children's chairs.  One of our customer's once told me that she has a tall wall in her family room where she has hung a large collection of styles and colors of children's chairs.  She said that when she has a new grand child born she shops the antique stores and buys a charming antique or vintage child's size chair, and that chair become 'assigned' to the new grand child.  When ever her a grand child comes, their personal chair comes off the colorful collection on the wall for their use when they are at Grandma's.  What a fun tradition.  She says she plans to present each chair to each grandchild on the birth of their first child.   Wouldn't it be fun to have a framed current picture of each grandchild sitting on their chair, using it like a shelf?

This incredible vintage Egg Crate label has been matted and framed in an antique tramp art picture frame.  Tramp art is the name given to handy crafts primarily created by men during the depression from scraps of wood, including cigar boxes, which were readily available at the time.

Again we see Millie's love of color!!
 Then again, here is another Red Goose mascot for your consideration!!
...and more Tramp art, this time in form of a couple of fun boxes.

And last of all, another pop of color in a red, though not bow back, chair.  Millie's colorful booth is half way down the second isle in the South Building, as mentioned.  She also has two other booths on the last isle, almost to the back.  It's definitely worth the trip to come and take a look!!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Collections of Selections by Julie, Come See!!

 If you are looking for something specific, then you may just find yourself in one of Julie's booths.  Julie has a lot of items in the antique mall, and is very good at arranging them in collections which makes them easy to spot and even easier to find that 'needle in a hay stack' you may be looking for.

Here we see a charming collection of saucers.  So your were having a tea party, and oops, your cute little niece slipped and broke her saucer.  You have a pretty good chance of being able to find, if not a matching replacement, at least a coordinated saucer which might even add charm to your next party!
Or you may be looking for a small wood box.  Maybe you want one just like the one that your dad kept in his drawer full of sweet treats?

 Or you need one to make a treasure box for your baby's 'unsrcapbookable' treasures, like his pacifier, a lock of his hair, one of his favorite blocks or other toy, a snip of his kiki, his plastic hospital bracelet, and his baby blessing shoes.  Memory boxes like these can keep a trip back to your child's babyhood handy for whenever you are feeling nostalgic. (and when they become teens, who isn't nostalgic for their babyhood?)
You may be looking for that missing volume of the Hardy Boys that you loved as a child.  A lot of these sets of youth books are numbered, which makes it easy to complete a collection!

Or perhaps you need a picture frame that is just the right size for that picture of your Grandpa that you have been hauling around fro ages.   Whatever you are shopping for, you are very likely to find it in one of Julie's several booths.  Come and take a look, you will certainly leave with a prize in hand.

I just wish Julie had had this wonderful mother and baby picture back when I was collecting them.  It would have been the star of my collection, but it can still be the star of yours!!  Thanks for coming along on the tour!

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Your In Luck - Meeting Chuck!

In terms of the age of our Antique Mall, Chuck is a relatively recent dealer.  He has eclectic tastes, and one never knows what one will find in his booths.

Here we see a wonderful collection of copper. The 'original' hand tooled tray is a 'one of a kind' artist piece, while the copper medallions that surround it are vintage decorator pieces, circa 1960.

Isn't copper wonderful when paired with blue transferware?  This vase is a current decorator piece and delivers lots of punch!!

This stunning display is a gathering of ruby glass of all ages and functions.  When it comes to punch, nothing exceeds ruby glass against white!!

Here is a selection of various items, which shows Chuck's tendency to not be connected to any one type or period of item.  The cream colored metal piece behind the spice set is actually a funky refrigerator container.  I have never figured out why they are shaped like this. 

Anyone out there who wants to help me out?

As we see here Chuck often has great crocks.  He's definitely got the jugs, now all he needs is the band to go with them and he could have some rocking hillbilly music!!  (I am sure he has some washboards and wash tubs too, so it could happen, right?)

When you come into the mall be sure to check out Chuck's booths, he has a presence in both the south and the north buildings.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Gretchen, The Girl with The Goods (and the Best Ever Shabby Chair!!)

Gretchen is a great connoisseur of antiques.  She likes the good stuff.  She has fabulous taste, and the rest of us get to benefit from her willingness to share.

To the left we see a lovely Victorian crazy quilt that she has for sale at Treasures South.  It's good that this sweet charmer has some imperfections, because in Museum Condition, none of us could touch the price.  Lucky for us!

This is another Victorian piece.  It is a huge shadow box with a lovingly worked memorial wreath that helped someone work through their grief at the death of a loved one.  The initials in the middle are those of the beloved.

  Another example from the Victorian era is a School Girl's Sampler.  Stitched in colorful yarn it is a wonderful reminder of a time, when a girl was not considered educated, unless her needlework skills were well developed.  The crown on the sampler indicates that it is European.  The bright colors make it a great addition to a child's room.

In this picture we see a charming, circa 1880's Japanned Aesthetic mirror and frame.  By glimpsing in this very large mirror, one gets a peek at one of Gretchen's booths.  As you can see it is well ordered and full of Treasures.  All you need is an afternoon to acquaint yourself with the fine old antiques that she shares with us all.
And last, but in my mind far from the least, I have pictured a wonderful old, circa 1920's arm chair with wonderful, and very old, chippy green paint.  I believe that this chair received its 'face lift' in the 1950's, as evidenced by the charming floral print.  The carvings on this chair are amazing, and the chippiness of the paint is practically perfect.  The chair also has the fine quality of being comfortable.  Come and see it, you won't be disappointed!!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Dealer Involvement Comes In All Sizes - Mary's Half Booth

 At Treasures Antiques we have almost 65 dealers.  Of course the number changes as people's circumstances change.  We have rented  6 booths in the last few months, and still have another dealer in the gathering stages, whom we are looking forward to getting to know.

Mary has been a  dealer in our Mall for several years.  She started in a full size booth in the South building, but when the stresses of going to school, raising her family and building a house, all at the same time, took their toll, she found a half booth to be just about right.
 Mary, like many other dealers in the mall, brings in books of assorted ages, styles and subjects.  This stack of books includes a couple of cooking interest books, and some royals watching fare. 

If you like books we have all kinds.  We have dealers who bring in old children's books, old cook books, and religious books.  One dealer has a shelf of paperback books for a dollar.  Several dealers bring in Louis L'Amour books.  Another dealer has Jane Austen related books and videos. So its worth a little browsing time to find just the right read!

This charming set of snack plates is tucked into a cubby in Mary's booth.  So if someone came in and bought Mary's baking book, and the snack sets, they would be ready for afternoon tea, just like the royals in the other books on Mary's shelf!  Its a thought!

 Here we see more tea time items, perfect for  impressing those friends who you probably already have in mind to come for tea. You could certainly find a silver tray elsewhere in the mall  to be artfully arranged with those cookies and tidbits that you baked after browsing through that baking book you found in Mary's booth, right?


 And what tea party would be complete without a charming clock so you know when it IS tea-time?

You won't find a more endearing or unusual clock than this one that Mary has for sale as well.

So with just a short visit to Mary's half booth you'll be ready to host that wonderful British Style tea-party in practically No TIME at all!! 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Welcoming one of our Newest Dealers, Cathie!

We welcomed a new dealer to our midst late last fall, and I just happen to have some pictures of the booth at the Acorn Antique Show that she did last month.  Cathie loves wonderful 50's items including clothing, books, kitchenware and dishes.  Everything in her booths, is colorful and cheerful and charmingly displayed.  There are lots of design ideas in Cathie's booths at Treasures.  She is dealer number 313 and has two large booths at Treasures South and just opened a smaller one at Treasures North!  She has been a very popular new dealer at the mall, if her sales are any indication.  She cleans and repairs the items she has for sale, and displays them well.
As I said these pictures were taken in March at the Acorn Antique show in Ogden.  Besides doing Antique Shows and having booths at Treasures, Cathie also consigns with several shops in the Salt Lake area, and also sells at street fairs and flea markets, including the upcoming flea.o.logy sale to be held at the red sandstone house on Main Street in Payson on April 30th, so mark your calendar!!

In the center front of this picture you can see one of Cathie's crafty ventures.  On the round green tray are charming multi vintage button magnets, which are very affordable, and always one of a kind!

And here we see Cathie herself in a booth full of shoppers.  If you would like to know more about Cathie she has listed her blog site on the right hand side of this blog page.  Definitely worth taking a look!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

In The Begining There was a Really Lot of Old Stuff and ...

...  an empty warehouse belonging to a family business that sold fabrics and crafts.  The empty warehouse building was next to the family owned store,  One day Betty, a nice lady who worked for the family styling add photography suggested that the building might make a good antique mall.

The family was tired of looking for reliable tenants for their warehouse and a dream was born.  Betty was a long time antique dealer in the Salt Lake area.  She invited many of her friends to join in the venture and after hours and hours of work, planning, painting, gathering, building and decorating, Treasures Antiques was born early in May of 1998.
The building on the left was the original Treasures Antiques.  The one on the right was the craft and fabric store.  As the antique business boomed, it eventually consumed the second building as well.  The net result is two antique malls, with separate accounting systems and a total of 22,000 square feet of antique, vintage and collectible goods.  Between the two stores there are 65 different dealers who are out there scouting for treasures to make you smile.

This is a closer shot of the south store.

Here we see the sign that bids all come to discover!!  The sign on the bottom was necessary when the frontage road was variously closed from one end or the other, with detours in between.  We have managed to stay open every day of the construction, and with the exits now open, and no detours, there is no excuse to miss one more day of shopping pleasure.

Please keep watching this site, as we will be spotlighting great new finds as they come into the store, as well as a variety of dealers along with their specialties.

We will also announce special sales and events here.  We even plan to have antique item give-aways as our following grows, so be sure to sign on and follow this blog for fun, entertainment and enrichment!