Sunday, October 13, 2013

Collecting Sea Shells at Treasures

A few weeks ago, a customer came in and was gathering seashells very carefully. Her name was Madeleine and she told me that she was making a shell framed mirror for her little sister.  I thought it was such a charming idea, that I asked her to send me final pictures of the project.

And here is Madeleine's sister, I think she looks pretty happy with such a thoughtful gift, don't you?

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Treasures Birthday Sale This Saturday ... and a New Dealer too!

Just thought I would let you all know that we are having  our birthday sale this Sat. As always there will be discounts in every booth from 5 percent to 50 percent off.  The outside flea market starts 8:00 A.M.  That's Saturday September 7th!!  Don't miss it.  

... And while you are there check out this great new dealer Tisha, she's in the back corner opposite the main entrance of the south mall building ... She builds and refinished primitive furniture ...  I took a few pictures just to give you a taste!

Be sure to drop by and see us all on Saturday, both stores and a flea market all below regular price ... Does it get better than that?  I think not, see you then!!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

White on White

Shades of white is what our front display is about right now ... cool, cool white, perfect for a hot August, don't you think?

 Kathy put the display together ... doesn't it look awesome?  Can you see the difference between the shot above and the one to the right?

 Yep, its the addition of the double chair bench ... more white, perfect!

My favorite part of the display is the lace mannequin.  Kathy also put that together, isn't she a beauty?  Well, an out of town dealer thought so and bought her with a few days of coming into the store, but not to worry, I understand that Kathy has another on the way!
Why not stop by and see her, before she makes the trek to sunny Cal with her new owner?  She should be here all week!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Flea Market and Birthday Celebration June 1st

 If its been a while, I thought I would show you some great displays around Treasures South!

 We are having our annual birthday sale, on Saturday June 1st, that's just two weeks from this weekend.

 So come on in and scope out what's new at the mall.  At our birthday sale almost all of our dealer will have a percent off sale up to 20% and 30%!!  And did I mention the outdoor flea market with bargains galore!!?

Save the date and we will see you all there!!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Trash to Treasure Canning Jar Lighting

So  here we are in the midst of the mason jar craze ... we have a lot of people coming into the store for jars, mostly for wedding reception center pieces, but for a few other reasons as well.   Danielle, shown below, came in to check out our blue mason jars for a school assignment she was doing.  She made the triple light fixture below from similar,  but different vintage jars.  Not surprisingly she won an award for the 'Best Overall Light'.  Congrats Danielle!!
Jeff, one of our dealers here at Treasures South, has been making light fixtures with canning jars as well.  The pair of sconces below are still for sale at the shop.

Don't they look great!!  Come on down and find some mason jars for your own project, or take home the school blue jar sconces!

Monday, February 18, 2013

A Very Happy Customer!

This is the story of a day at the antique mall.  On this particular day, a nice customer came in with the camera case shown on the left.  It was locked ... it had been locked for a very long time.  The nice lady used to have a camera shop ... one day a man came in with the locked camera case hoping the camera shop people could open it.

They fiddled with it, trying to pick it with bobby pins, nails and tooth picks, all to no avail, and really, it looks so easy in the movies.  The man decided to give the locked case to the camera shop because it could not be opened.  The locked case was used as decoration for 20 years.  Then the 'new' owner of the locked case brought it into Treasures Antiques hoping we could get it open for her.  By looking into the lock we figured it would take a flat key, with a piece on the end to push the button inside, then it could be turned.  We drew a picture of what we thought the key would look like. We got out the box of antique keys we have for sale, but there was nothing like that.
We told her she could write to the company that made the case, and she said she had, but buying a new key would be expensive.  Finally, Nikki, the magic girl, started going through the keys on the dealers rings, the ones that open the locked cases in the mall, there are at least a hundred of those. Sometimes dealers will include keys for items they have for sale in their booths.  Nikki found a key that looked like the one we had drawn, she brought it over and tried it, it fit perfectly ... with a little fiddling ... well you know how it ends.  There wouldn't have been a story if it hadn't worked.  The brand on the key was the same as the one on the case ... and now we have a very happy customer ... She has the case, the camera and a cool stack of antique glass photographic plates!!
Don't you just love a happy ending!?