Monday, May 30, 2011

Treasures Birthday Sale June 3rd and 4th!! Drawing for Antiques

 Don't miss our once a year birthday sale!!
On Friday June 3rd and Saturday June 4th we will be holding the anniversary sale to celebrate our first Treasures Store which opened in May of 1998!  June is the beginning of our 13th year in business!!

This 3 pieces Victorian Bedroom set has been for sale in the store for $1500.00 a pretty moderate price for
a hard to find set from the 1880's.  In honor of our anniversary sale this set will be half price for 2 days.  That means you can take home this great double sized bed matching tall dresser with a mirror and marble top, and a wash stand for $750.00 AND we have lay-a-way too!!  Sets like this still sell at the antique shows for as much as $4,000.00!! Don't miss your chance to have  a bedroom that will take you back in time!!

 There will be refreshments for all, as well as great deals throughout the store.  All but two or three of our 60 dealers between the two stores participate with discounts from 10% to 50% off the original prices of items in their booths!!

If you are signed up as a follower of this blog, and you print off this coupon and bring it in, you will be entered in a drawing for antique and collectible items exclusive to blog followers who come in during our sale. Since we don't have many followers yet, your odds will be amazing!!
Prize Drawing Coupon
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dealer Kathy Specializes in Antique Fabrics and Quilts

Our dealer Kathy is quite an expert in antique fabrics, especially when it comes to quilts and antique clothing and accessories.

 Here we see a charming pioneer era child's dress, with a tiny sprigged print.
 Note the wonderful antique pioneers bonnets, they make quite a patriotic gathering in white, red, and blue.
 Even personal linens of women in the 1800's where charming, note the lace on the bodice of this nightgown.
This lovely inset lace and pin tucked dress is from the early 1900's and is very charming.  I am sorry to say that it found a home between the time that I took this picture and the time I found to blog about it.  The lovely re-invented necklace that the mannequin wears, however, is still available, as are the 1800's black leather women's boots and the charming tilt top, hand embellished table.

Next time you stop by Treasures, be sure to stop and take a look at this remarkable booth.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bruce Should Have Been a Cowboy ... Because he keeps it moving!!

Fresh Picked will have a new meaning for you once you have checked out Bruce's Booths.

Bruce have several booths grouped into one huge space in the North building at Treasures.  He is an avid hunter and brings in astonishing amounts of stuff every week.  He shops estates sales and auctions, he has people who bring him great stuff that they have found.  He shops regularly in the 'old south' and has very, varied taste, so there's always a good chance that he will have what you are looking for!!
 Bruce has one characteristic that makes him a perfect antique dealer.  He really likes to 'keep his stock moving'.  That's why he would have made a great cowboy.  He not only sells at Treasures, he also sells at shows, including the Walter Larsen Show in Salt Lake City and the Acorn Show in Ogden.  He even keeps up a presence at the flea.o.logy sales in Payson.  The result of all this activity is that he always has fresh stuff in his space at Treasures, and is one of the top sellers.  This set of chairs made a trip to the Acorn Show, then spent a couple of months at Treasures before finally finding a home at the flea.o.logy sale.

 Bruce frequently gathers unusual things not available in the booths of other dealers.  These Japanese fishing floats are a great example.

This is a grouping typical of the items he carries.  clocks, art glass, old pictures, china pieces and some old Relief Society grapes!   The tea pots are also a good example of the kinds of things he carries.

 This fabulous Victorian Parlor lamp and classic Victorian framed prints are also a part of his repertoire!

And he definitely has a weak spot for stained glass.  He almost always has some of the most amazing antique stained glass panels I have ever seen.  So if you are ever in need of some authentic panels, he is likely to have just what you are looking for.  His space is in the opposite corner to the door at Treasures North, just be sure to check out the other booths on your way to see his great assortment.

As you can see he also carries a lot of art pottery.  This jardiniere and stand are stunning, and such a fun shade of green.

Below you can see another assortment of items in Bruce's booth.  You can tell he likes clocks, and the old English Toby mugs are just fun!

And if all of Bruce's great, 'freshly picked' antiques are not enough to entice you into his booths at the mall, maybe the fact that his wife often sells her charmingly wrapped and delicious hand dipped chocolates there as well, will  be enough to get you into the store. See You Soon!!
Be sure to come by and see what new Treasures Bruce as recently stocked.  And if you are a bargain shopper you are certain to find something wonderful, and cheap in his booth at the flea market we hold outside of the Treasures stores for our birthday celebration sale that we will be holding on Saturday June 4th.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Treasures Anniversary Sale June 3-4 2011

Announcing Our Annual Anniversary Sale and Flea Market!

Friday & Saturday June 3rd &4th

Come one, Come all and you will find:

Discounts of 5% to 50% in nearly every booth
Yummy Refreshments
Coupons for our Blog Followers Posted Here
An Outdoor Flea Market with Amazing Prices
*  *  *
Don't miss it, our you will be jealous of your friends when you see the fabulous finds they bring home!!

Admiring the Decorator, Keith!

This cheerful spring bouquet of daisies greets you when you find Keith's first booth down the first aisle of the south store.  (Keith has booths in both stores) I have always admired his talent for display.  The other really nice thing about his booths is that he is constantly rearranging his areas, so that they are always fresh!!  He even carries a feather duster when he works on his booths, and his fastidiousness shows!

 He typically groups his items in 'color' coordinated vignettes, as many of the dealers in our malls do.  The one thing he does that really catches your eye, though, is that he uses items as elements in a composition by shape, textures, and size, as well as color.  This often leads to some unusual pairings.  Its not unusual to see kitchen implements arranged in a vase with doilies cascading.  What ever fun and funky items he uses together, the results are always visually pleasing!

This mannequin shows off her sass, which seems to personify the personality of all of Keith's booths.  They are really artful and are worth viewing for that reason alone. Of course, his tastes are close to flawless, so you will likely find something that will add a bit of flair to your own decor.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome to Jeff''s Creations, Pardner!!

When Jeff first moved into the mall he primarily kept us in the vintage wood windows we all favor for crafts! Which is no small task.  Then he started doing some crafting himself, he has made several small display cabinets out of some charming windows, and I wish I could show you one, but they have all sold.  Maybe by the time you come in he will have supplied us with another. 

Still he does have some other wonderful items, like his bucking bronco metal sculpture!
"Giddy-yup, there cowboy!"

And if art isn't enough, it turns out that Jeff is also a handy craftsman.  He made this great potting table out of weathered fence pieces.  It has a large shelf for a work surface, and another large one below the work surface for bags of potting soil and fertilizer.  Above the work surface is a narrow shelf perfect for a row of unused clay pots.  The table is over five feet long and ready to support your work as a gardener.

My favorite feature is a working tap, and all you have to do to install it is to screw the end fitting onto your hose!  What a great and innovative ideas!!

Here is a view of the potting table from the other side. Fun, functional and it has a great primitive look.  Did I mention that it is amazingly sturdy?  Well it is. 

Jeff also has some weathered fence sections for sale if you would like to tackle making your own!!

Of course his specialty is a plethora of vintage windows, so keep that in mind for the next time you are feeling crafty!!

"Okey Dokey pardner, Ya'll come in now, hear??!!"