Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Antique Displays Done Right!

This week, when I was working at Treasures, Pam, a favorite former dealer, came in to shop ... we got talking about displaying collections, somehow, and she mentioned that her husband had recently made her cabinets to display her antique hat collect ... she invited me over, and actually I was bowled over .... such amazing displays!! 

Of course, like all antique dealers in the mall, many of her vintage and antique items came from Treasures, a favorite source for all of us.

 Here are the cabinets he built ...

 This is another display in her bedroom ...
 Her kitchen was bright and cheerful ... and I was amazed at her use of space ... so clever!

 This little cupboard occupies the space that once held a built in ironing board.  She said when they bought the house it was an open alcove ... yep her clever hubs added the door and glass shelves.  How cute is this?

This is a close up with the door open ...  I loved the whole house.  Its amazing.  The first picture is a shot of her laundry display, which I am sure you gathered already.

I hope you enjoyed Pam's awesome displays.  If you have displays you would like to share, please send pictures to me at  We would love to see what you are doing with the treasures you are finding at Treasures!!

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Valentines is Here at Treasures

Yep, the Valentines Cherubs have been busy at Treasures this week ... we have Valentines decor everywhere ....

There are cherubs, and hearts, pink and red, and everything romantic!

There are vintage valentines and heart shaped everything!!

Be sure to drop by  to spiff up your romantic home for the Holiday of Love!!