Friday, July 22, 2011

Is "What's New At The Antique Mall??" an Oxymoron?

Well, oxymoron or not, we have lots of 'new' stuff at Treasures Antique Mall.  Actually that is the nice thing about an antique mall,  you have 40 dealers out there scouting out goods for you!!  Besides newly placed merchandise we also have some newly done displays and booths that I wanted to share, so come along with me. (Please note that an S or an N refers to our South or North buildings, while the number refers to the dealer who has an item.)
 This charming little black and very vintage dress came in this week and belongs to S-160

This wonderful display of blues, white and green is nautical by definition, but leaves one feeling cool just by looking at it. We think Kathy did a great job putting it together! The white ores came in just this week, and have chippy white paint which is likely 30 years old, along with ore locks, something I have not seen before.

The pink bowls (S-148), old striped suitcase (S-313) and the charming antique framed dog print (S-160) are all new additions to the mall.
This great old sewing bag or purse is utterly charming and it has a very, very reasonable price.  It was brought in by S-17

 I love this old pie safe.  It was made from a shipping box and the address is clearly painted on the back.  It is said to have come out of a Salt Lake Candy store.  (N-700)

Another item belonging to N-700 is this pyrography trunk.  I have seen many pieces of pyrography in my life, I have just never seen one this size.  Wow.

 This new display was put together by Keith and Rosemarie.  Isn't it wonderful. It has some pretty unique Utah items in honor of Pioneer Day.  The framed ribbons are a selection of turn of the century Utah awards, including Sunday School attendance.  Be sure to come by and take a look at it, it won't last long.

Back in the south building we see that S-170 has redone her front booth.  She brought in the printed French muslin upholstered items she had taken to Bella's Vintage Market. 
She has also hauled out a lot of goods that have taken space for too long, many of these were sold at her {flea.o.logy} flea market in Payson last weekend.  New items have come to replace the best of what was left. 

Another booth that has had a make-over is that of N-3 who has brought in her charmingly crafted event crowns.  And if you want to make one yourself, she also has old Bingo Cards full of vintage trims to make your task easier.

What ever you decided to do, be sure to come to Treasures to see  what's new!! And what we have gathered up for you!!
Adieu! Adieu! To You and You and You!!

Just a note, added Aug first!  The white ores and the blue shabby chair in the blue and white nautical display sold this past week, but then I knew they were too wonderful to last long. Also the cute striped suitcase has also left the store to travel with its new owner, but then it was so nicely priced, what else would we have expected??!!


  1. Oh dear...I am in LOVE with that black dress, #170's booth (*_*), and lots of other things. I might have to come down this week!

  2. Oh dear...I completely missed the darling little hobnail round salt and peppers shakers!! It was so nice to meet you today and chat. You guys are awesome! :-) I would have joined the blog even if I never knew you! See you again soon!

  3. I wish I had more time to shop down your way. I will have to put it on my calendar. Neat stuff guys! Rose @maninthemoonantiques