Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What's Your Antique Style and New Arrivals at Treasures!!

Here we are at Treasures Antiques again, and why not, we have had lots of new goodies that have arrived since my last post.  I have divided them into pairs that fall in similar decorating styles so you can decide just how you like your antiques!!

 This lovely enameled European bathing pitcher is charming, as are the other great enameled pieces in dealer S-1940's booth.  Perhaps you like a bit of Provence?  Charming stone houses that are hundreds and hundreds of years old?  I conclude that French Country is your style!

 Or maybe a fresh red and white color
 scheme is more your style.  Funky chrome and red bar stools, like this one in S-160, or these amazing red polka dot Fire King mixing bowls to be found  in booth S-175.  If these items seem to 'hit your decorating spot', I am going to  claim you for  mid-century - deco.

If this great antique luggage dolly (S-148) with its anthropolegic stance or this amazingly geared up extra large butter churn (S-78) are calling to you, perhaps you've a bit of industiral steam punk rocking your soul

 But if all things elegant, upscale and girly bring a smile to your face, we have several wonderful items that should feather your nest wonderfully.  The mannequin came in this week and can be found in S-17, while the wonderful boudoir chair with original upholstery will be found in S-MM
Oh and by the way I am inclined to proclaim that you have the soul of a Parisian Apartment dweller.

Still you may be more traditional, and find this fabulous, sturdy maple bench to be just your style. (S-170) or perhaps a coffee table made from an enormous bellows is your idea of whimsy.  We must remember that it was the colonists who made the original American Antiques and we shall give credit where it is due, and place you in your rightful place as a lover of all things 'Early American'. (That one was easy, eh.)
 Still wondering what all the 'style' thing is about.  Do you just like what you happen to like, and find joy in gathering lovely and friendly favorites around yourself?  This charming set of bird and flower theme china, might be just right for you and you can find them in booth S-923, the entire set, which is nearly enough to serve 8 is only $100.00 and has been proclaimed the deal of the day.  The charming shabby little girl chalkware lamp with the frizzy netted pink shade would certainly cast the soft light that your kind thrives on. (S-313) So what is your style?  I think you already know that one, Cottage style of course.  That lovely style that is the unofficial gathering of things beloved.

I am sorry that I missed out on finding new items in the mid century modern category, or from the simply elegant Arts and Crafts period.  We certainly have items that fill those bills, but just not any new items this week which is our focus in this post.  If there are other styles I have missed please leave a comment below, and I will try to find goodies to fit your style for my next post.  Thanks for coming along, and remember Every antique style is the best for the person who is drawn to it.  Happy Hunting!!

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  1. You know what I'm all about...that boudoir chair is DIVINE!!! (*_*)