Saturday, July 2, 2011

Happy Fourth of July From Treasures Antiques!!

We at Treasures would like to wish everyone a delightful fourth of July!!  Included in this greeting are a few patriotic ideas that are available right now at Treasures.

 Isn't this pump old fashioned and practically patriotic all by itself?  Well the flag helps I guess!!
This display up front unites items from several dealers!  The 'flag' in the center is actually the top of a small trunk!!

The display is full of red, white and a couple of blue shabby chairs of all sizes... Goldilocks could come here on the Fourth of July and find a chair for each of the bears!!

These dresses remind me of summer in the nineteen-teens.  Ladies in white standing around the band stand listening to patriotic tunes played by brass bands ... what is more patriotic than that.  The front dress just came in and can be found in booth 170, the other two have been in the store for less than a month and can be found in booth 175.

Still another dealer uses fun red, white and blue items, gathered, as well as those that give us feelings of loving our homeland, like the bust of Lincoln, and the gathering of old baseballs.  Isn't the red, white and blue quilt amazing

So now we have the ladies with a little patriotic flair, and a gentleman's summer straw band hat, complete with the patriotic bunting behind ... You are probably feeling like celebrating our country's birthday ... but while you are celebrating, don't forget that Treasures will be open all day.  Come help us Celebrate!!

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