Sunday, October 12, 2014

Jennifer of 3 Dotters Gives Treasures Antiques a Nod!

 Hey Treasures Fans, did you see the Studio 5 feature a couple of weeks ago with Jennifer Reed of 3 Dotters Vintage?

Jenn is a former Treasures dealer, a very busy girl who realized she didn't have time to keep her booth at Treasures stocked, and has moved on to doing three vintage sales a year at the Pleasant Grove Rec Center.

 Jennifer shared her vintage shopping secrets with Studio 5 viewers, and featured Treasures in Springville first ...

These are some of the pictures that she shared on the show, featuring us as one of the 'Best Vintage Shops'
 Jennifer should know, she is one of our best customers ... she collects vintage world globes, and the black one she show cased on segment is one she had bought, while I was working, at Treasures the week prior to taping the show!!

 I was working the day the segment aired, and we had a customer from Salt Lake call us about the Indian statue to the right, before the show was even over.  Yep, the statue is now history as far as the mall is concerned.

 Jenn hosted her 3 dotters sale last weekend in Pleasant Grove, and I got talking with one of the dealers there, a 20 something who is a big Pyrex collector.  She told me that Julie, our Pyrex dealer who has children who are 30 something, is her hero!  Yep Julie's been collecting Pyrex for 15 years .... I guess that sort of makes her a hipster!!

Thanks for the endorsement Jenn, we are glad to hear that your first 3 Dotters sale went so well!!   

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