Saturday, September 20, 2014

Heidi's Amazing Outdoor Decor!

 Had an adorable customer come in this week, her name is Heidi Harmon, and she was buying an oil can for her collection.

It sounded like so much fun, that I asked her to send some pictures of of her collection, and to include some goodies she had bought at Treasures in the past.

She said that she bought her first vintage clock at Treasures, I love the one in this picture!

... and I cannot say how much I love this wall of bike wheels ... and the oil can on the far right is the one that I just rang up for her this week.

 How amazing is this collection?
... and what a great patio scene!  Love the corrugated metal fence panel and the beautiful antique brick patio!   Kudos Heidi!!  And I love rust so much that I am off to the Rust and Roses show in Boise this coming weekend!!  Happy hunting all and thanks to Heidi for sharing.  If any of our other customer would like to share some of you amazing decor, please send pictures to me at  Thanks


  1. Thanks Paula, I'll be following. Amazing entries, and very inspiring! Looking forward to more!