Thursday, January 1, 2015

Antique Desk and Inkwell!

 Today we sold this awesome early 1900's school desk.  We sell these all the time, they are a perennial favorite.  We sell them to museums, who are setting us school rooms, we sell them to parents for their kids to use to study, we sell them to TV and movie studios for sets.  We once even helped outfit a lady who was putting together a working school room.

The one thing, though, that we have not sold is one with the inkwell in it.

I was astonished by this awesome inkwell and its pivoting cover.
I also thought it was interesting that it had the word Bakelite on it.  We see lots of bakelite at Treasures Antiques, lots of utilitarian items, like kitchen utensils, and furniture handles, and of course, everyone's favorite bakelite jewelry.  I have just never seen the word on the product before.

The buyer was very excited ... he's been look for a complete desk for a long time!  

We also had this gentleman come into the store today.  As you see he is wearing a fedora, carrying a cane, and has a watch chain hanging on his vest.  He said that he hopes to help bring back elegance to menswear.  I told him he had come to the right place to be appreciated ...  We love it when customers come in dressed in period clothing!  

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