Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome to Jeff''s Creations, Pardner!!

When Jeff first moved into the mall he primarily kept us in the vintage wood windows we all favor for crafts! Which is no small task.  Then he started doing some crafting himself, he has made several small display cabinets out of some charming windows, and I wish I could show you one, but they have all sold.  Maybe by the time you come in he will have supplied us with another. 

Still he does have some other wonderful items, like his bucking bronco metal sculpture!
"Giddy-yup, there cowboy!"

And if art isn't enough, it turns out that Jeff is also a handy craftsman.  He made this great potting table out of weathered fence pieces.  It has a large shelf for a work surface, and another large one below the work surface for bags of potting soil and fertilizer.  Above the work surface is a narrow shelf perfect for a row of unused clay pots.  The table is over five feet long and ready to support your work as a gardener.

My favorite feature is a working tap, and all you have to do to install it is to screw the end fitting onto your hose!  What a great and innovative ideas!!

Here is a view of the potting table from the other side. Fun, functional and it has a great primitive look.  Did I mention that it is amazingly sturdy?  Well it is. 

Jeff also has some weathered fence sections for sale if you would like to tackle making your own!!

Of course his specialty is a plethora of vintage windows, so keep that in mind for the next time you are feeling crafty!!

"Okey Dokey pardner, Ya'll come in now, hear??!!"

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