Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Admiring the Decorator, Keith!

This cheerful spring bouquet of daisies greets you when you find Keith's first booth down the first aisle of the south store.  (Keith has booths in both stores) I have always admired his talent for display.  The other really nice thing about his booths is that he is constantly rearranging his areas, so that they are always fresh!!  He even carries a feather duster when he works on his booths, and his fastidiousness shows!

 He typically groups his items in 'color' coordinated vignettes, as many of the dealers in our malls do.  The one thing he does that really catches your eye, though, is that he uses items as elements in a composition by shape, textures, and size, as well as color.  This often leads to some unusual pairings.  Its not unusual to see kitchen implements arranged in a vase with doilies cascading.  What ever fun and funky items he uses together, the results are always visually pleasing!

This mannequin shows off her sass, which seems to personify the personality of all of Keith's booths.  They are really artful and are worth viewing for that reason alone. Of course, his tastes are close to flawless, so you will likely find something that will add a bit of flair to your own decor.


  1. Keith's booths are amazing. He always has the BEST stuff and he gives me great deals! Thanks Keith! ~Stacy~

  2. I always have to take a peek at Keith's booths when I come to Treasures. . . there's always SOMEthing that I fall in love with! Plus Keith is THE BEST! Love these posts on the Treaures dealers. . . .