Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Bruce Should Have Been a Cowboy ... Because he keeps it moving!!

Fresh Picked will have a new meaning for you once you have checked out Bruce's Booths.

Bruce have several booths grouped into one huge space in the North building at Treasures.  He is an avid hunter and brings in astonishing amounts of stuff every week.  He shops estates sales and auctions, he has people who bring him great stuff that they have found.  He shops regularly in the 'old south' and has very, varied taste, so there's always a good chance that he will have what you are looking for!!
 Bruce has one characteristic that makes him a perfect antique dealer.  He really likes to 'keep his stock moving'.  That's why he would have made a great cowboy.  He not only sells at Treasures, he also sells at shows, including the Walter Larsen Show in Salt Lake City and the Acorn Show in Ogden.  He even keeps up a presence at the flea.o.logy sales in Payson.  The result of all this activity is that he always has fresh stuff in his space at Treasures, and is one of the top sellers.  This set of chairs made a trip to the Acorn Show, then spent a couple of months at Treasures before finally finding a home at the flea.o.logy sale.

 Bruce frequently gathers unusual things not available in the booths of other dealers.  These Japanese fishing floats are a great example.

This is a grouping typical of the items he carries.  clocks, art glass, old pictures, china pieces and some old Relief Society grapes!   The tea pots are also a good example of the kinds of things he carries.

 This fabulous Victorian Parlor lamp and classic Victorian framed prints are also a part of his repertoire!

And he definitely has a weak spot for stained glass.  He almost always has some of the most amazing antique stained glass panels I have ever seen.  So if you are ever in need of some authentic panels, he is likely to have just what you are looking for.  His space is in the opposite corner to the door at Treasures North, just be sure to check out the other booths on your way to see his great assortment.

As you can see he also carries a lot of art pottery.  This jardiniere and stand are stunning, and such a fun shade of green.

Below you can see another assortment of items in Bruce's booth.  You can tell he likes clocks, and the old English Toby mugs are just fun!

And if all of Bruce's great, 'freshly picked' antiques are not enough to entice you into his booths at the mall, maybe the fact that his wife often sells her charmingly wrapped and delicious hand dipped chocolates there as well, will  be enough to get you into the store. See You Soon!!
Be sure to come by and see what new Treasures Bruce as recently stocked.  And if you are a bargain shopper you are certain to find something wonderful, and cheap in his booth at the flea market we hold outside of the Treasures stores for our birthday celebration sale that we will be holding on Saturday June 4th.

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  1. LOVE Bruce's stuff! He always has something that I can't resist. He's a great asset to the mall!