Monday, August 20, 2012

Miss Havisham Shops Here Too!!

This week we had one of our regular customers come in looking for candlesticks for her book club luncheon.  They had read Great Expectations and their luncheon had a Miss Havisham theme.  She found a pair of candelabras that we all agreed would be perfect!!  I thought it sounded so fun, that I asked if she would send us some pictures of the event.  She graciously consented and here they are.  She also said a few things about how things went.

"The candelabras really helped set the mood at our book club meeting last week. And I couldn't have served Miss Havisham's wedding cake without the lovely cake server. A couple of ladies said they almost wore a long white dress to the party, but no one actually did. One lady brought Miss Havisham's bouquet and some other little critters for the table. The grapes and gummy worms were a big hit.

I am so glad you had just what I needed. Thanks so much for your help in making this party a success."

I think this is such an awesome idea that I have already gotten my book club to agree to have a Miss Havisham Tea next year after we read Great Expectations.  We have to wait a year, because we just read David Copperfield, in honor of Charles Dickens 200th birthday this year!
 So just remember, if you need something unusual for your next shindig, you may just find it at Treasures like Stephanie and Jane did.  Thanks


  1. So cool to see inpsiration like this! Love it!

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