Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Restored Antique Car

It was so fun, the other day, when our good customer, and sometimes dealer, Mike, came by with his awesome restored car.
 It has amazing details, like the bullet hole decals ...
 and the Harley jacket hanging in the back seat.

The hood ornament is amazing, as well as the little light on the hood, not sure what that's about, but its cool.

He even has the trunk fitted out to look like he's going on a picnic, with a dismantled still tucked behind the coke cooler.  If you didn't guess he's a car show aficionado.
 Mike told me that these old cars, and even older ones were fitted out with powerful engines made to outrun the police, if necessary. He said that during prohibition, the back woods whiskey makers and their fast cars were the informal beginnings of Nascar as we know it today.  Who knew.  Not me, but I loved the stories and Mike's awesome car!!  Thanks for letting me share it Mike!

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