Monday, March 4, 2013

Trash to Treasure Canning Jar Lighting

So  here we are in the midst of the mason jar craze ... we have a lot of people coming into the store for jars, mostly for wedding reception center pieces, but for a few other reasons as well.   Danielle, shown below, came in to check out our blue mason jars for a school assignment she was doing.  She made the triple light fixture below from similar,  but different vintage jars.  Not surprisingly she won an award for the 'Best Overall Light'.  Congrats Danielle!!
Jeff, one of our dealers here at Treasures South, has been making light fixtures with canning jars as well.  The pair of sconces below are still for sale at the shop.

Don't they look great!!  Come on down and find some mason jars for your own project, or take home the school blue jar sconces!

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