Thursday, October 6, 2011

Steam Punk or Industrial Junk - Looking at it as Art!!

Steam Punk is a name that found its roots in the period of time that produced the steam engine.  It was the beginning of the industrial revolution.  Machinery was developed that did all kinds of things to serve mankind.  Most of these practical and soon to be everyday servants, were designed by artists and reflect the time period in which they were built.  Art Nouveau, Craftsman and Art Deco lines are common in equipment such as typewriters, scales and clocks... 
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Steam punk is really just the idea that these practical items were beautiful in their own way, and could be displayed as art.  Typewriters, suitcase and clocks have been popular as decor items for twenty years.

Now we add such items as scales, sewing machines, metal drawers, gears, tools and machine parts.  We look at them with new eyes, seeing past their 'fuction', and since many pieces of old machinery no longer function anyway, they become renewed, in a way, as objects d' art.

Some people are even starting to collect parts and pieces to reassemble them in different ways.  You have seen this in yard art for a long time, but now the art is coming indoors.  These parts might be assembled as head boards, funky chairs or intereting occasional tables.

We have one dealer at our mall who is assembling these wonderful lamps (above).  But if you find all this industrial metal to be just too cold for decor purposes and you want something that is really warm and fuzzy, we have that too.

What is warmer and fuzzier than a sheep, also available at the North Treasures Antique Mall building. 

But if this whole Industrial Chic discussion has peaked your interest, you may want to take a look at my personal blog, where I have just done a post about a talented friend who loves and excels at this style!

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