Friday, June 10, 2011

Our Blog Followers Are ALL Winners, But Mike Got the Prize

We would like to take a moment to report on our Birthday sale.  I was out of town at the Farm Chicks sale in Washington (Yeah!!), But according to the numbers, our Birthday Anniversary sale was a smashing success.  I just feel bad that so many of our wonderful customers did not know about the sale. In fact yesterday I had a darling lady ask about when our Birthday sale would be.  It was so hard to tell her that we had held it last weekend. 

Of course for many of our great customers it was a great weekend of bargains and Treasures.  Here we see our blog follower, Mike, who won our blog contest at our Birthday Sale.  Mike is a regular customer, so it was fun to see him win this garden armillary!  Turns out he has a love for garden sculpture, lucky Mike.

Thanks to Mike and the others who took the time to print off the form in the last blog to enter our blog contest.  Mike says he found lots of great deals at our outdoor flea market during the sale.  Sounds like the Treasures Birthday/Anniversary Sale was the place to be!!

Thanks to all of our great customers who came out to help us celebrate our 13th year in business!!

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